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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Steven Trotter

Personally, ideally I must admit I use OS X but only when work pay for one, I refuse to part with my own cash for it. Failing that I tend to just fall back on Ubuntu and I always find it's pretty good these days. I've used 18.04 since it came out on my personal laptop and always been pretty happy with it. Reason is mostly because I know whatever hardware I have Ubuntu will almost certainly support it. I've had problems with Ubuntu in the past but ultimately always gone back to it and these days it seems better (could just be me hacking about less with it though to be fair).

I kind feel the same way these days, that I've done the Gentoo/Debian/OpenSUSE/Fedora/all sorts and I just can't be bothered to deal with problems any more. If it starts sinking my time into administering it when I just want something that works I start getting annoyed. When I set one up I do tend to try and use Ansible to set the whole thing up from scratch. Probably a bit sledgehammer for a walnut admittedly but it does have the advantage that if it goes really haywire I just trash and restart again, though still annoying when I need to do that for obvious reasons.

Would be very interested to hear what you end up going for in the end and what your experiences are.

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Ben Lovy Author

I haven't tried the Ansible thing yet, probably should this time around...