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I've been a programmer for 20 years or so. Took CompSci in uni, worked for a bunch of small & medium companies. I think I've been very blessed to have not experienced any sexism or harassment at work. I've worked with both great people... and jerks of both genders.

I've constantly felt underpaid, but never had any sign that this was based on my gender, but just working for companies that were cheap across the board.

I feel normal nerves for interviews, but not intimidated.

These days I work for myself.

The main drawback has been a lack of friendships with other women in the tech space. It would be nice to have friends who I can nerd out with about what I work on. My friends & husband are very non-technical, and I only know of 4 other female programmers in my city. I'm sure there are more... but it's rare to meet them.


Thank you for your story! 👍
Currently, I work in a diverse JS team with 30% of women engineers, myself included, and I observe that the open and collaborative culture makes it easier to focus on work and be more productive.

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