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Discussion on: My Dog is a Therapist

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Ryland G Author

Honestly this is what I would consider some of the best content. As an individual living with some rather serious mental health issues, I love seeing content that raises awareness of any mental health issue, and anxiety is one that I imagine a great many members here can relate to.

I'm glad it resonated with you. It's actually what I have the most to write about, so I'll make sure to write more stuff like this. Anxiety is a bitch, I think it contributes to almost every problem in the world.

You approached this with the mind of an engineer. You made a hypothesis, gathered data that supported your theory, and once confirmed, integrated it. Uplifting stories can be difficult to find when anxiety or other mental health issues are involved, and your story has a happy ending, brings hope and optimism, and offers some great observations on the non-computing side of development, which is often neglected.

I'm glad you took that away from the story. For a long time I would just get defeated by my anxiety, because that's what people around me did. Once I realized that anxiety follows rules like anything else, attempting to combat it became much easier.

Great job and I look forward to reading more of your content in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to leave such a positive and insightful comment. Expect more of this stuff moving forward.