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Head of Product Experience at Temporal. previously lead architect and low-level systems programmer for scale out SaaS offering. Game engine developer, ML engineering expert. DMs open on Twitter.

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University of Washington


Head of Product Experience at Temporal

shrun: A modern CLI testing framework

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We’re paying developers for feedback about our product

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Announcing Reshuffle Custom Domains

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#showdevAnnouncing Reshuffle Identity

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Reshuffle API Serving

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How Reshuffle Solves Common Fullstack Problems

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A Product Story

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Practical Ways to Write Better JavaScript

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Things All Developers Should Learn In College

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How to Write a Good Blog Post

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#discussLooking For Feedback

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How I Started Existing on the Internet

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#discussWhat Dev.to Theme Are You Using?

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#discussHow to Make a Button on Dev.to

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#discussMy Dog is a Therapist

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Spreadsheet Powered AI

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#discussThe Brilliance of Elon Musk

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Simple Machine Learning, Intro to K-Means Clustering

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Callbacks and Promises, Simply Explained

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#discussStopping Bad Habits Before They Stop You

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#discussAsync, Parallel, Concurrent Explained - Starring Gordon Ramsay

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#discussForm Great Habits to Take Control of Your Life

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#discussWhy Medium Actually Sucks

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