12 Content Marketing Tools to Make Startups Successful

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Did you know that up to 88% of B2B marketers would incorporate content marketing into their marketing strategies? Hopefully, as a business owner, you’re a part of that 88%! After all, there are so many benefits content marketing can help raise exposure AND conversions.

If you aren’t a part of that 88% then don’t worry, it’s never too late to start now! And now that you’re conscious of how important it is, it’s best to start putting content marketing into your strategies as soon as possible.

But for those who haven’t done this before, where do you start and how can you keep the ball going? That’s where SEO marketing tools come to place. The right tools can help make content marketing easier and with better success, regardless of the size of your business and if you’ve just started content marketing or not!

So read on as I show you the 12 best content marketing tools for startups.

12 Content Marketing Tools For Startups
There are different types of content marketing tools you can install for your business, depending on your goals and needs. These are the 12 best to look into, from organizing your plans down to garnering inspiration for future topics:

BuzzSumo: For Analyzing Topics and Finding Influencers

With the millions of posts and trends online, it gets confusing as to what you can write about. It has to be compelling, new, and something not many usually post about. You can analyze different topics that people will find a hit with BuzzSumo!

It reveals various topics to write about and also gives you access to different influencers who can market content.

Evernote: Organize Your Notes

For those who want more organization for brainstorming and listing ideas for content, Evernote can save you. It gives entire team access to all different ideas for better collaboration. Besides adding notes, you can also clip in websites, images, and PDF files for more reference when creating content.

Kred: Measure Online Influence

Connecting with influencers to help spread the word about your content helps in raising traffic and engagement. Kred is a tool to help you find suitable influencers that can impact your website and company the most. Furthermore, you can measure your own website influence to monitor how high or low it goes, improving your strategy based on results.

Trello: Collaborate With Your Team

Companies have teams dedicated to content marketing, and to lessen the hassle of hosting meetings, Trello saves the effort. It offers boards, cards, lists, and more organizational templates to create and achieve projects efficiently.

You can schedule, post, and share all content through the platform as a team, also leaving messages to each member. No one will go without notification of updates made into the strategy, and everyone can collaborate without confusion.

Click Funnels: Creating Funnels

When you want to establish an Internet presence, you need to create sales funnels. This shows the buyer’s journey on how visitors turned into leads and sales. The funnel can help increase the order value of your company, with ClickFunnels saving you hours of making one from scratch.

You can create sales funnels for conversion within minutes, with templates and a drag-and-drop platform for ease of use. Besides creating different funnel types, it even comes with various features such as email integrations and A/B testing!

Grammarly: Correct All Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Users won’t trust you or your content if there are any spelling and grammatical errors. Even a well-researched and amazing blog won’t be marketable because who would trust content with misspellings? If there are minor errors like these, they might think there are other deeper mistakes, too!

Grammarly can help scan through all misspellings AND grammatical mistakes, even accounting for context! It’s a quick and easy-to-use proofreader that has you edit your entire post within seconds.

Canva: For Designing Beautiful Media

It’s crucial for your posts to come with high-quality images and graphics that entice people to keep reading. However, high-end tools like Photoshop aren’t exactly beginner-friendly and cheap, taking time to learn and edit your images.

Canva is a free tool that offers a host of pre-designed layouts and templates. That way, you can create posters, infographics, and even enticing social media posts that have them click on your content!

Uberflip: Dominating Buyer Journeys

Uberflip focuses on improving the website’s content experience and your performance for a successful buyer journey.

It comes with different tools under lead generation, sales enablement, as well as content and account-based marketing. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface where you can manage all types of content for more organization. Through better managing your content, it can give users better experiences that will have them engage with it further.

SEMRush: THE Marketing Toolkit

SEMRush shows you everything you need to know about content marketing. It shows the keywords competitors bid on, the ads they put out, as well as what keywords your website ranks for organically.

Just enter any URL into the tool and you’ll be shown a ton of information on specific keywords some people never even knew about! That way, you can see what keywords competitors haven’t used yet and monitor your current ranking on keywords you haven’t thought of!

MailChimp: Improve Email Marketing

Email marketing is the main priority and the most effective aspect of content marketing. It needs to be a part of all online marketing strategies actually, with MailChimp being an amazing solution to tracking your campaigns.

MailChimp is a free tool that allows you to build an email list of subscribers engaged with your page’s content. You can then monitor different metrics related to your emails, from the average clock and open rate, as well as subscribe and unsubscribe rates.

Ahrefs: Outrank All Your Competitors

Ahrefs teaches you why competitors are ranking high and what you should do to outrank them! This useful tool has you track down all your competitors and your progress at the same time. You can track all keywords used, locations for every website, the frequency of updates, mobile ranking, and much more!

This helps you get an idea of what kind of content to write and the research you should do. It also guides you to plan out future content marketing strategies that go beyond your competitors.

HootSuite: Manage Your Social Media Accounts

It takes a lot of time thinking up new content and sharing it on various social media platforms. However, it’s needed and an effective marketing strategy to reach your target audience!

HootSuite is an excellent tool to manage all past, current, and future social media posts across all platforms. You can schedule the best content at optimum times without the need to manually share it one by one. From drafting posts to scheduling them, as well as organize your content through a social media calendar, you can easily see all your posts in one platform.

Wrapping It Up
Content marketing is crucial, with even big companies like WA Search Engine Optimization encouraging all businesses to start on it. If you’re just starting out, not to worry, as there are a host of tools like these you can use now.

Hopefully, this article on the best content marketing tools for startups helped you out! So try out any of these tools to help get your startup going now.

If you have any questions or want to share your reviews on these content marketing tools, comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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