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Discussion on: I made a 'new tab' browser extension/theme

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Ian Pride • Edited on

Very nice and I'd love to use it, but could you add alternate search engines? I don't see any settings for the extension. I use DuckDuckGo mainly, but will use almost anything else as long as it's not Google. If not, I might look into forking and doing it myself, but I am pretty busy with other projects and life at the moment. And also if you could add the choice to select Fahrenheit as the temperature I'd appreciate it..

Appreciate it though, very cool.

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Virej Dasani Author

Thanks for the feedback! I am working on the settings option and having different search engines but I don't think it will be done any time soon because my exams are coming up. However, if you can find the time, I'd be more than happy to merge your pull request and even if you don't, there should be an update coming out in a couple of months 👍