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Covid-19 and Modern Education

thehack3rboy profile image Abel D Mathews ・2 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all means of society as well as education. To keep running things smoothly,
educational institutions have quickly adapted to this situation. That resulted in a sudden shift of teaching via online platforms. At this time, many digital learning platform providers came forward and offered their support and sometimes even for free.
The pandemic has created a market in ed-tech. Many platforms have gained their value during this pandemic.
So many platforms like Qwiklabs, Coursera offered their services for free helping students for gaining and spreading
knowledge. So many startups were introduced during this situation. Many of them are focusing on online learning. And also
many students and professionals have updated their knowledge and acquired new skills during this period.
Apart from these, a new dimension of learning is defined by shifting through online learning. Advantages like the easy and
simple interface, personalized learning journeys, personal mentors, 24*7 chat support, and doubt solving systems. Learning
new skills has improved academic results and will continue the expansion of ed-tech companies. A large number of today's
"free" users will start to pay for these courses later.
According to reports, India has over 330 million K-12 students—75 million of whom adopted supplementary
education. Our estimate indicates another 30-40 million students don’t have access to quality supplementary education
despite their ability to afford it. Consequently, the supplementary education market size is about $15 billion with
less than 5% digital penetration. So, there is significant headroom for ed-tech solutions to grow and covid-19 has
only expedited its adoption.
Another problem in this scenario is the network connectivity issues faced by students and the teachers. Most of the
students can't attend online classes without interruption. Online video calling platforms like Google Meet,
Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc are widely used in these situations. Parents are compelled for buying gadgets like phones, tabs, etc
to run their children's education smoothly. But many families can't afford these gadgets in these difficult times.
So many employees lost their job during this lockdown. So that they are struggling to meet their two sides of the rope.
In this situation, affording these are if great burden for the families. So many charitable trusts are helping them in these
times which is a great relief.
So we can stand together and fight against this pandemic.


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