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re: 5 Reasons Why I Love Being Wrong VIEW POST


Fantastic article, the win is always the teams but the failure is on the leader. Being wrong is alright if one is humble ego is the enemy.

Have you perchance read Extreme Ownership by jocko wilink?


Hi, thank you!

Yes, I did read that book and I find myself recommending it often. Great book that unfortunately many people in tech pass on because is written by a hardcore military guy.


Nice list of book recommendations! I've only read one of them. BUT, I've book marked that list!

Your synopsis of the Scrum book reminded me of my Faux Scrum experience. I think each of those... ummm... sub-optimal Scrum scenarios hits one-or-more of your failure points.

Two books not on your list that probably ought to be: The Goal and The Design of Everyday Things.


Haha, its easily my most recommended book as well. That aside this article was great and I'm saving it as a reference for the future.

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