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Pors Thanundorn
Pors Thanundorn

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Can I use Next.js for kind of social network website?

Hi, I already have fans base that about 1-2m active users on Facebook and I had an idea to build some kind of simple social network for my audience.

So, I had some experience with Next.js but it is just static website for my customer. The question is any change to use Next.js for social network? I am thinking to use ISR in Next.js to reduce the server resource and keep the (almost) live data.

It is just a simple function : Post,Vote,Comment.

Any suggestion please?

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Ivan Jeremic

ISR is not for feeds, SSR is for feeds, but you can use NextJS as long as you don't use ISR for feed.

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I used Next.js to build my social network, and I personally find SSR to be great.