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Discussion on: Are you using Docker for local development?

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Kevin Ard

I exclusively use docker-compose for local dev. It slows nothing down - if anything, it streamlines it because I don't have to maintain the server environments on my host; docker takes care of that. All I have locally is nvm, go, and python - just because I use those for dogfood and other general tools, though.

I use a lot of bind mounts to keep my local project in sync, and that really takes the edge off. To help that along, I've set my local uid to 1000 and I have dev images that set the container uid to the same (translation: no permissions trouble 🦄)

DC lets me do other fun things to make life good. My favorite is stacking yaml for different tasks. Base yaml + dev yaml exposes extra ports or adds dev-only tooling services; + test yaml changes db data volumes to controlled alternates.

Using rsync -a I can mirror data volumes - basically the db equivalent of git stash ♥️

With the right mix of Ansible and Make, this is all no-effort. I can remember the days before docker, but I don't like to lol. Lots of things that are no-effort now were impractical or outright impossible then.

Oh, another bonus: I have a single global/privileged stack running that has Traefik and Portainer. All running project stacks are published through Traefik, and Portainer is just nice to have around. No port conflicts, and life is easy ♥️

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Mateusz Bełczowski Author

I haven't heard about Portainer before - thanks for sharing :)