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Discussion on: Your website sucks! And I'll tell you why (ROUND 2) ⚡️⚡️

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Twan Mulder Author

Hey Christopher, thanks for sharing your website!

Starting off, I really like the feel of your website.
Very light and easy to scan and read.

As others have said, the custom scrollbar can be a bit tricky. Not all browsers support it and there's no standard way of styling it. This means that your scrollbar may look different depending on what device and/or browser the user is using.

The other thing I noticed, is the first thing someone sees when going to your website: the hero

Currently, the copy of your hero doesn't convey a very clear message.
A "dreamer" doesn't really describe what your role/function is.
"building things" can also mean way too much. What do you build? Is there a specific niche you build for?
I'd advise experimenting with the copy your using on the hero of your homepage.

Again, thanks for sharing 😄

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Christopher Wray

Thanks so much! I forgot to respond but I made quite a few changes based on your feedback! I still kept the scroll bar because I like it 😂

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Twan Mulder Author

That's awesome Chris, thanks for the reply 😄 Keep up the great work and I wish you the best!