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React custom hook question

I have been implementing a React custom hook. In the project, I noticed a pattern when getting data to the React components.

  • first, we check do we have data already in the store (selector in the function will give the data)
  • if not, we dispatch an action that will have a token and parameters

As it is a crucial part of the app, I thought someone with hook experience might have a look at this.

Especially, the payload and action part. Should I use usePrevious hook and use isEqual from lodash. Or, useMemo?.

All ideas appreciated, thanks!

/* annotated version of the hook */

export function useFetchIfNeeded<T>(
  selector: (state: AppState) => T,
  action: (payload: any) => ThunkAction<any, any, any, any>,
  payload: Object,
  checkFn?: (input: T) => boolean
) {
  // redux hook
  const dispatch = useDispatch()

  // get token
  const token = useSelector((state: AppState) =>

  // get data using the selector function
  const data = useSelector(selector)

  // use check function to verify do we need to fetch data or not
  // default is null comparison
  const check = useCallback(() => (checkFn ? checkFn(data) : data !== null), [
  const fetch = useCallback(() => {
    if (!token) {

    if (check()) {

    // TODO: action and payload are objects, should I make my own comparison?
  }, [dispatch, token, check, action, payload])
  useEffect(() => {
  }, [fetch])

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