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re: 🤑🥳😎Going down the youtube tech guru hole or how you can spot scam artists VIEW POST


Very true I remember following a Tech Youtuber who said he is Ex FB, and gave gyan on how to do freelancing and do web development and bragged about his some softwares how he became rich. But soon his videos became weird. Completely unrelated to tech and more to do with his personal life.

I feel while its easy to run a scam running a genuine Youtube Channel is a very hard work especially having a continuous running Theme and building a useful audience.


I think I know who ex-Facebook and ex-Google engineer, I initially followed him for the tech talks, than with time the content became personal, aggressive in nature and just felt scammy since his other promoted buisness was nothing but another Leetcode replica


Just to make sure: This post is not about one specific person :)

Also not saying that that person is not usuing these tricks ;)

Yeah that's clear, I kinda just figured out the above commenter reference since I almost fell for that specific scam.
I appreciate your article though, it's sad seeing these scammers feeding on people's hopes and dreams.

Goog to hear that you did not fall for it!

Your welcome :) I hope that i can help some people to not fall for that scam!

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