Discussion on: Managing Imposter Syndrome

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Started my first job as an intern full-stack dev one month ago, I feel like I don't know anything every morning I wake up feeling like what if I'm not able to fix that bug or create that feature, imposter syndrome is really hard to get around with as it takes a lot of energy. When I fix a bug I feel fine but if a bug takes time to fix it feels like I'm not going to make it.

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As an intern, it isn't your job to know the answer. So don't worry about it if you don't, because your job is just to learn and absorb. If you've learned anything, then you've done your job!

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As an intern you should focus on absorbing as much knowledge and "tricks" from other developers and learning the ways of the business. I am pretty sure that you have higher expectations of yourself and your skills than the company is expecting from you, so try not to focus on how much time a bug takes to fix, but on what is the best apporach for identifying and resolving it.

Good luck!

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I have started an internship three weeks ago as a Full-stack developer and Passing from the same situation. Daily, I wake up and start thinking, how much I have completed that task. Have I resolve this error or not. and this feature takes a lot of time to implement. This post helps me a lot and comments. Now, I realized the only thing i have to think is that how much I learned not how much it takes. Thanks to you all.