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re: I feel that it's more practical, to limit on the OS or device level. And educate on parental control measures. So that it can be applied collective...

I agree with your points. But while exit points are always good to have, I don't mind self-regulation. I think it should be encouraged. Google's Digital Wellbeing is a thing now for the same reason. Apps like Youtube Vanced have settings that enable you to set a reminder after every x unit of time. For example, my app stops playback and reminds me I've been watching Youtube for 45 minutes so I should consider taking a break. I think it's a simple but effective way to reduce screen time, especially for adults who tend to have more self-control than children.

And props for linking to the Extra Credits video. They always cover important topics with such finesse.


Yup, to be clear not against self regulation on games =)

I simply feel that it cannot be solely depended on.

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