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Discussion on: Some Things You May Have Missed in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey

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// , The diversity question may have more to do with income brackets and related behavior than (direct) racism as a proximate cause, especially since StackOverflow makes pseudonymous participation without a photo easy. I used a squirrel photo for the first couple of years. Maybe they could do an experiment?

As to your note about the student demographics, I have seen some of the weirder causes of it in person.
And it calls to mind the Scandinavian paradox.

This may be part of two broader trends:

One trend that could be part of the cause is that young USA citizens don't see much benefit from pursuing careers in technology, especially where money and social status are concerned:

Another trend that could be part of the cause is the proportion of people who enter computer science through Video Games, which make much of their money by exploiting the competitive inclinations of young men.

These (admittedly limited) studies and their cited studies examine that: (No Control Group) (Observational study, correlation only)

From what I've seen in person, best and brightest of my CS classes were the laid back guys who had done all the homework 2 months ago, and spent the rest of the semester in the back of the class hacking their NVIDA cards to optimize their computer games, trying to hack each other's cell phones, or doing something mysterious looking on a couple of xterm windows, if they even bothered to show up for class at all.

The lowered social status of STEM among young people,and the demographics of competitive computer games, as combined filters of interest and motivation, might go some way toward explaining the phenomenon.