re: Quick tips - Don't use Chrome. Use FireFox and install Facebook Container if you use Facebook. 3.Set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine in ...

"Don't use Chrome" is an interesting suggestion. If you are a front-end dev you may be doing yourself and your users a disservice to not test on Chrome. Dev tools are also amazing.

Solution could be developing on Chrome and using Firefox for everything else? Just some personal thoughts as we all grapple with privacy/convenience trade offs.


I personally like the dev tools in FireFox Developer Edition better. Chrome's dev tools are more powerful when it comes to profiling and performance optimization but FireFox dev tools are amazing for layouts and piecing things together. I use them both at times based on what I'm building but tend to align towards FF dev tools more. Nevertheless, whenever I use Chrome, I make sure I'm not logged in and quit the browser immediately after use.

Also, I'm usually least bothered about making sure things work fine in Chrome. Chrome is way ahead of the curve and nothing ever breaks in Chrome. Google is investing so much money to build the perfect, future-proof browser and giving it away for free. Things like this scare me the most.


"Don't log into any Google services if you're using Chrome."


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