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Who are you and why shloud I care? :D kind regards

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Ask Me Anything

I'm Michael aka Lampe.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with almost 10 years of professional experience plus some more years of computer science bachelor development time ;)

In my day job, I currently work for a big client in Norway. Before that, I worked with startups and also some big companies.

I mostly develop things in Javascript but I also have experience in building real-world products in Ruby, Java, and PHP.

The team sized I worked in is between 1 to 50 developers. I had different roles from your frontend pixel pusher to a team lead.

Teaching juniors was always a thing I liked and usually, I was the fav. Senior Dev ;)

A lot of topics that I write about are born from a real question from a Junior and I only write about things I experienced and understand.

I try to write in a style that is easy to follow and also I hope easy to understand.

Kind regards
Michael aka Lampe

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