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Cover image for 🎈🎊πŸ₯³Thank you for 30.000 followers! We celebrate this with an #AMA!

🎈🎊πŸ₯³Thank you for 30.000 followers! We celebrate this with an #AMA!

lampewebdev profile image Michael "lampe" Lazarski twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Hello beautiful people πŸ–

After 60 posts and a weekly challenge to write a blog post!

We have reached 30.000 followers!

Thank you all for that!

To celebrate this we will have an #AMA here!

So ask me anything down below in the comments and I will answer all of them!

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Congrats! That's a big number.

Looks like you have accounts on a lot of different content sites (Medium, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, etc), do you have any thoughts on the differences between those platforms and in regard to followers?


Good question.

In the beginning, I focused mostly on Instagram but It got that one post that would skyrocket me.
Then I wanted to stream while coding on twitch. Meh, it was okay but you don't get stuff done because I would interact with the chat and yeah I like to get stuff done. Medium is just a copy and paste job from if I don't forget it.

Right now my main focus is and twitter.
I would love to do more on YouTube.

Regarding the followers. hmm yeah, it really depends.
I think just fits me the best because I can write longer than on any other platform except medium. Also, is focused on development. Everybody posts on medium so you need to be featured by some of the aggregation sites these days to get any views.

Also usually the quality of comments on is higher than on any other platform.

I hope that helped you!
Feel free to ask any follow-up questions 😊


Thank you for the detailed response.

Right now my main focus is and twitter.

Benefits of are self-evident, which you have so eloquently described. But how does twitter help you? What do you expect to gain from twitter?

Comparing Instagram, Facebook, and twitter and where most developers write then you will find that most user twitter.

All of them have the problem that they are too crowded and it is hard to stand out if you are not doing it for 10 years.

But still, most frameworks and people have a twitter account :)

All of them have the problem that they are too crowded and it is hard to stand out if you are not doing it for 10 years.

Right, too crowded and too noisy. You hit the nail on the head.

But still, most frameworks and people have a twitter account :)

I suspect a lot of it has to with the inertia and herd mentality. No one wants to miss out, even though they are unclear about the value and dividend it has to offer.

Also, Instagram is about pictures and Facebook now is for old people 🀣

Now but in general I think developers just like text more than beautiful pictures.

I don't want to read blurred pictures of text because Instagram compression is so heavy.

So it also has to do with the format.


Lampe is german for lamp.

And the story behind that is:
When I was young I was playing a lot of counter-strike.
And I had different names all the time.

One day we were playing a counter strike mode where one team was a sofa or a waste bin or whatever was an object and the other team needed to find that object and shot it.
It was fun because you were questioning yourself was this tennis ball always on that table or not :D

So one round all of my team decided to name themselves after an object. We hade names like "Sofa", "MΓΌlltone" and many more.

So I named myself 'Lampe' and it sticks until today :D which is like almost 20 years ago.


Didn't know you're German! When & why did you decide to move to Lithuania?:)

I'm actually Polish :D
But my parents moved to Germany when I was 3 years old.

I moved to Lithuania like 18 months ago because Vilnius is a beautiful and modern city :)
Also the company I worked for at that time had a second office here in Vilnius.
I just liked it here so much that we moved here :)

Okay, that's cool! Did you graduate from a German university? And if the answer is yes, did you enjoy it?:)

I graduated at HAW Hamburg and yes I liked it.
The design department was one floor up so we would cross projects with them and usually this was the most fun :)


2 Questions:

  1. In your opinion who is full-stack web developer ?
    Like he should know Data Structures, Javascript, SQL , Design Patterns ? Is this the minimum requirement ?

  2. Will a 6 plus years experienced Software Engineer needs to know about Data Structures ? If he doesn't, is this Good time to learn after 6 years ?


It is hard to tell what the minimum requirement is these days. Do you need to know all the data structures?
No. Do you need to understand some? It does not hurt. It is the same as the rest. The more you know the better of course. In the end, it is just a title and there is no test to say you are a full-stack web dev now. If you get the full-stack web dev job you are one 🀣
I would only say that in general as a dev you need to learn new things all the time even if you worked in the field for 20 years.

It is always a good time to learn about data structures.
It will make your life easier.
It is important to try them out in the real world.
A lot of people are book smart but when it comes to real projects they don't know what to do.


Can you kindly enlighten me about the difference between 5.000 and 5,000? :)


Without more context, I would say localization?
And DIN norms? πŸ˜„

  • 5.000,
  • 5,000,
  • 5 000,
  • 5000

Without more context, I would say localization?

Oops, sorry. I thought I was clear enough. Obviously I wasn't

I was just confused why you mentioned 30.000 (with a dot) instead of 30,000 (with a comma) in the post body and the title. I haven't seen such a usage before.

Anyways, thanks for your response. I didn't know there were norms dictating usages like 10.000 😲Have a great day πŸ™‚

You have standards for this

A good read is here:

It is the same with dates :)
I would write 12.03.2012
But is it March 12 or December 03?
or what about 12.03.12 or 12/03/12?

dates and times and numbers when you go out in the big big world are a mess :D


What was your biggest learning outcome from the weekly challenge? I'm thinking about doing the same. Any thoughts?

And congratulations on those followers! Those are big numbers.


Thank you very much πŸ˜„

The biggest outcome is that I can do it!
during that challenge, I married my wife and was in China for 2 weeks and did other vacations and still could do it!

So yeah if I just want to I can do it :)

Do it with a friend and if you lose it must hurt!
Not much that it would ruin you
But also not something that is easy.
So we decided that we would go for a pizza in our fav pizza restaurant and the loser need to pay for both of us :)

But absolutely do it!

I'm thinking about doing the same with youtube videos ;)


That's amazing!! I'm just staring at a new youtube channel on weekly python news and curious libraries.

I'm doing it with a friend. Check it out @MidMeetPy!

Our first episode was out yesterday and it was so much fun to record it! I think everyone should do it, for real!

And thanks for the prompt response. I'm definetely more inspired to keep on going with those blog posts now.

I will check it out :)

Good luck and fun with it!
With both youtube and blog posts :)


Who are you and why shloud I care? :D kind regards


I'm Michael aka Lampe.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with almost 10 years of professional experience plus some more years of computer science bachelor development time ;)

In my day job, I currently work for a big client in Norway. Before that, I worked with startups and also some big companies.

I mostly develop things in Javascript but I also have experience in building real-world products in Ruby, Java, and PHP.

The team sized I worked in is between 1 to 50 developers. I had different roles from your frontend pixel pusher to a team lead.

Teaching juniors was always a thing I liked and usually, I was the fav. Senior Dev ;)

A lot of topics that I write about are born from a real question from a Junior and I only write about things I experienced and understand.

I try to write in a style that is easy to follow and also I hope easy to understand.

Kind regards
Michael aka Lampe


What makes your articles different than others? How do you stand out?


My articles are based on real-world problems and real-world problems :)

Most of my articles are based on needs or on junior dev questions that I got.

So I try to make my articles as applicable to the real world as possible if it fits.


Hi, πŸ˜„ May I know which software you used to record the youtube videos. is it freeware ? And did you used normal mobile headphones as mic ?


the software was
the mic I don't know found some cheap good one on the internet.
I don't have the packagin any more sadly.
It was around 50 euros I think πŸ€”


I'm so happy for you. Congrats! Amazing path.


Thank you very much :)
Have a great day


Congrats! How do you go about editing/reviewing a post before you publish it? Do you send it to friends, or fellow devs?


Since I need to release one blog post a week usually I don't send it to anybody.

I write it on google docs or some office suite
and then I copy and paste it into Grammarly pro.

A review is usually done after I published it by the community ;)
Reviewing my blog post is also not so important most often because either it is just posting something about my experience and thoughts about it.
Or when it comes to coding I really run the example code I provide and make sure that the example really works.

So yeah for me if the code works and then everything should be good to go :)
This also helps with the more theoretical stuff. An example would be the Vue render post I wrote. It validates itself and you can validate the example code :)

I would like to give it to someone but then again most of the time the post validates itself.

Maybe someone should proofread it but I don't know anybody how would do it once a week ;)


Congrats! Quality content brings large numbers of followers πŸ‘πŸΌ


Thank you very much, much appreciated.


Why don't you feel like you are not a 'real' backend developer?
What for you does it mean to be a backend developer?


Congrats!! πŸŽ‰

Off the top of your head, what is your personal favorite of the posts you've written?

Classic DEV Post from Aug 1 '19

Which loading GIF do you prefer?

I made some loading gifs

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I'm a full-stack web developer. I love to help people.