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Hello World!

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Hello world! I've been a long time lurker and have posted may once or twice under a different name, but switching over here since this is my serious name. All jokes aside, I'm making it a point now to focus on development, blogging, and sharpening my skills in order to both share and monetize a couple of blogs as a side hustle. Here's what I'm working on right now:

  • Being an Admin of a Wordpress site and trying to do it for free.
  • Building and running my own blog built from Hugo to hopefully share knowledge with both beginners and folks who need some help with tech
  • My own personal portfolio site

I'll be using this blog to bring anyone who is curious along the way. I'll also be looking to learn React, Gatsby, and whatever it takes to make my own portfolio site shine since that will be the most complicated of the bunch. The other two I just want to be simple, fast, to the point and make a difference in peoples lives.

So I hope this and my subsequent posts help someone out in the future with getting started with getting with their own site or set of sites and know that we all need to start somewhere!

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