How my MindMaps helped others clear AWS certification

Vinodh Thiagarajan on November 07, 2019

One fine morning I woke up and thought that I would like to get AWS certified. I did do the groundwork in a real passive manner for over a period o... [Read Full]
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Hello Vinodh,
Just stumbled across your post and wanted to share; it's funny the way brains work. I'm also studying for AWS certs, and also stumbled across Unlimited Memory and found the mind mapping parts very useful. From one dad brain to another, keep sharing your experience, it's very much appreciated and I for one look forward to hearing about any further discoveries! Thanks, Chris


Is there a way to share the maps in a zip file, or I do not know if there is a source for them so I add more things to it? - This was the best I was able to come up with. These are files that can be open by site only. You need to have paid subscription ~2$ pm i guess. Still if its useful in case


I wanted to do it too. But its a paid site and haven't really found a useful way to share it or I didnt spend enough time on it. Let me try something of that sort and see how we can collaborate.


Cool stuff Vinodh!

Here is the video in question:

Here's an example of a Mind Map for Route53.

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