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Really enjoyed reading this article. I found myself nodding many times as I was reading 😁 Thanks for writing!!

What Vim tips do you have for writing?

In addition to what you wrote there's another great plugin by yunnegun that I use when writing: GoYo which is a distraction free mode for Vim.

And then there's another killer feature for writers which is the built-in spell checking. Not only the fact that Vim supports spell check ing out of the box, but that it also has a bunch of mappings for correcting stuff that make you very productive. 😊


No problem.

Yeah Goyo is in my vimrc file. It's useful sometimes. I say "sometimes" because often times I'm writing about a technical subject where I want a terminal open side by side, or another file so I can reference it while I'm writing.

Yep I use the built in spell check, mapped to F5 to toggle it, and I also use a plugin called vim-SpellCheck which puts all spelling mistakes into the quickfix list (really useful for seeing if an entire file is good to go).


Awesome! I didn't know about vim-spellcheck, sounds very useful, thanks! 😀

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