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Writing simple obfuscation and minification system

nicely done. Used it in our project. Thanks

Modifying an Array Stored in an Object

Duplicate friends :D

Welcome Thread - v124

Came here because this place feels more exciting than medium....

The pain of aggregations in MongoDB Compass

Yeah Robo3t is so cool to write queries in. I often have issu...

What is NoCodeAPI ?

Toooooo costly.

20 useful free resources for Web Developers


10 useful VS Code shortcuts you should know ()

Ctrl shift I was a new one for me. Thanks

Debug your Node.js app with Chrome DevTools


Don't wait for the perfect moment. It will never come

Please share the path you followed to crack your dream job.

Basic Hooks in React - useState()

Nice read. Please write about other hooks with similar exampl...

50 free tools and resources you're gonna love (Part 2)

Loved it. Gr8 collection.

10 Useful APIs for Developers

need new ones.

Learnt it the hard way

True ... I was wondering why this didn't come up while using ...

How do I organize my work day (+Tools)

Am a big fan of Microsoft ToDo.

What Book(s) Are You Currently Reading To Be a Better Programmer?

I see a lot of people are reading this. Makes me curious. Wha...

6 Awesome Ways To Present Your Code 🔥

I use carbon on a daily basis to share snippets with interns....

S1:E0 - Season 1 Trailer

Exciting ...

S2:E1 - How to Build Good Habits and be More Productive


10 tips from A 10 years experienced Developer

Ha ha ... Nice article.

What was your win this week?

Learnt how to tunnel via SSH into aws instances to connect mo...

Most Useful Websites for Programming Interview Preparation

Nice collection

I Just Joined the DEV Team!


These free tools for developers are 🔥🔥🔥

Awesome list.

What is Firebase in layman's term ?

A light weight database by Google.

👨🏻‍💻 UnderStand the Most Powerful 💪 Function of Javascript


👨🏻‍💻 UnderStand the Most Powerful 💪 Function of Javascript

Very nicely explained. I will definitely put this to use :D ...

Change the time zone on a Heroku app

Thank you so much

Windows 10 copy multiple paste - shortcut/multiple paste option

Pretty useful

Create a service account to authenticate with Google

Awesome articles. Helped me a lot.

Using dotenv to manage environment variables in Nodejs

How to change env variables according to environment using do...

Do you love working at a startup?

I feel that working at a startup is better coz it's very dy...

Any interesting side projects

Same here man ... Bored as f

Top 10 Youtube channels for Flutter developers (2020)

Thanks a lot.loveeeeddd it

Public APIs for your Front-end Applications

Awesome 👍

Setup a redirect on Github Pages

When I open my github page, I want the index.html to be dis...

Explain "memory" like I'm five

A box to store apples.

My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer

Good read

An Ex-Freelancers Guide to Getting Your First Clients

nice read

Best Free Bootstrap UI Kits of All Time

Loved this ... Going to use Flat UI for my next project.

Top 10 Chrome Extensions Every Developer Likes

Please keep updating this list.

PostgreSQL or MySQL data import into Google BigQuery

How fast is bigquery. I imported a CSV file with around a l...

Why you should stop declaring variables inside a for loop (especially in JavaScript)

Nice one ...have the habit of doing this. Shall change this...

10 Intriguing Public REST APIs For Your Next Project

Cool ... Do you have something on educational articles or c...

A lazy developer is a good developer, 10 windows shortcuts you should know

The emoji thing was cool! Gonna use it from now on.

Quiz Application for Web Developers

Very nice initiative. Fun to use too. Nevertheless, I can o...

The lies and lack of self respect that lead to burnout

Very well written. Loved it.

7 years as a developer - lessons learned

As my 2.5 years of being a developer in a company that has ...

STORY 1: #Developer at work. Attention Please!

Cool hihi

Learn the Storage API by Building a Note Taking App

Nice and simple.

If I don't use React, am I still a developer?

I just started following you because of the questions you a...

10 HTML Elements You Didn't Know You Needed

Really cool ... I didn't know about the template tag. Will ...


Yup me ... There is so much to learn that I usually go for ...

What was your win this week?

This week, I... got that cakephp email thing working by us...

why do I still use cakephp

Workplace restrictions. Totally agree

Hosting a custom domain on Github

Thank you Amit.

Announcing PHP Apprentice!

Really nice. Can't wait for more chapters.

Freelancing 101: How to get started

Nice article. Am just starting up as a freelancer and wanted ...

The Happy World of ngrok

Yup it's really helpful for development mode. We test our A...

Speed up your queries with indexes


Don't be unique

This is something that I have to deal at the office on a da...

Tools for Developers

Nice read

The art of leveraging your time

nice read.

What is HTTP/3 ?

Very nice article.

Why do we work? (a story about quitting my job)

Totally agree with you. Often times we quit our jobs over s...

Share your first dev job story

Not able to type anything

React so far

Oh I didn't know that. But how can there be a component wit...

React so far

Thank you so much. Will definitely check them out.

Behind the Tech: How does Siri, Alexa or Google Home respond to your questions?

Really interesting. Waiting for the next one.

What the hell is type-safe language?

True ... that was a mistake. Thank you for pointing it out.

MySQL vs. MongoDB

I didn't know the BSON part. Good read.

Learning ReactJs

Thank you so much Ben. Will keep on updating here and troub...

API == server?

Cool and fun

I Don't Know

Really sweet

You want HOW MANY years experience?!

cool ... :)

Choosing PHP in 2018

Totally agree. PHP is still the easiest one to learn for be...

Welcome Thread - v16

Hi everyone! My name is Visakh and am working as a software...