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Discussion on: What's your favorite domain registrar?

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Vitor Paladini • Edited on is the place to go.

I had some really bad experiences with GoDaddy and never looked back after moving to Namecheap.

They are cheaper, safer, more transparent, and I believe they offer more TLD options. What's not to like?

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Emilie Ma

Would second this!

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James Thomson

Yep! I've been using Namecheap for 10+ years. Never had an issue.

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Namecheap is cheap, I love cheap, I love namecheap

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Bobby Iliev

I quite like NameCheap as well!

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Michelle Mannering

Been using Namecheap for about 7 years. Highly recommend. I've never had an issue. I once even forgot to register one of my domains and it expired. Namecheap bent over backwards to help me out and get it restored.

Great customer service and really good prices.

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Joel Rozen

I have everything split fairly evenly between Google Domains, AWS and Cloudflare.

However all DNS is through cloudflare (with some small exceptions on AWS due to having vanity nameservers that Cloudflare charge enterprise rates for).

I have a single domain with namecheap from a business I acquired last year and haven’t been overly impressed. I find their UI confusing and the hoops I had to jump through to get the domain transferred were insane (I don’t remember the reason but at the time of purchase they wouldn’t allow the then-owner to transfer it externally to NC, only to another NC account).

That said I just can’t really be bothered trying to transfer it out again either, so it just sits there.

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Andrew Baisden

I transferred to namecheap in September after reading the messages in this post.