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What's your favorite domain registrar?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Do you buy domains through various hosts or do you stick with a particular registrar all the time? What is/are your favorite/-s and why?


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namecheap.com is the place to go.

I had some really bad experiences with GoDaddy and never looked back after moving to Namecheap.

They are cheaper, safer, more transparent, and I believe they offer more TLD options. What's not to like?


GoDaddy is the worst.


why ? Any issues ?


Been using Namecheap for about 7 years. Highly recommend. I've never had an issue. I once even forgot to register one of my domains and it expired. Namecheap bent over backwards to help me out and get it restored.

Great customer service and really good prices.


I have everything split fairly evenly between Google Domains, AWS and Cloudflare.

However all DNS is through cloudflare (with some small exceptions on AWS due to having vanity nameservers that Cloudflare charge enterprise rates for).

I have a single domain with namecheap from a business I acquired last year and haven’t been overly impressed. I find their UI confusing and the hoops I had to jump through to get the domain transferred were insane (I don’t remember the reason but at the time of purchase they wouldn’t allow the then-owner to transfer it externally to NC, only to another NC account).

That said I just can’t really be bothered trying to transfer it out again either, so it just sits there.


I transferred to namecheap in September after reading the messages in this post.


I quite like NameCheap as well!


Yep! I've been using Namecheap for 10+ years. Never had an issue.


Would second this!


Namecheap is cheap, I love cheap, I love namecheap


why, any issues ?


Transferring to a different registrar can be a nightmare...


Porkbun! They are sincere, have lot’s of discounts & promos, lastly their logo is adoreable!


My vegan or kosher friends are sending complaints when I moved one of my domains there.


I use porkbun too. Definitely one of the best.


CloudFlare is far and away the best.

Granted, CloudFlare's first-time registration is still early stages, so what I've done is to start with Name.com (reliable user interface and fairly transparent pricing) and then switch to CloudFlare after 90 days.

Also, I agree with what others have said that GoDaddy is pretty bad, but they do have more names available because of squatting/marketplace, so if it's not available through other registrars, I make sure to at least check there.


Any one who puts Daddy in a domain name has deep psychological issues! lol

I wish GoDaddy would disappear their entire life as a company has been about manipulating and deceiving inexperienced web surfers.

One of the internet’s best scams!


Namecheap for the first year (they often have promotion), then Cloudflare Registrar & Google Domains for renewal.


Ha ha, same here. Love cloudflare.


We use Google (domains.google) - which we feel a little weird about... but it's really easy and priced well, and the UI there is actually pretty decent - and we don't feel like we're getting screwed like everywhere else we've used.... BUT we'd rather switch to all smaller companies we can trust. Sometimes we buy from iwantmyname because they seemed to have the most TLDs.


Very first time i bought my domain with godaddy, (That happened in 2008)
From the very next year, I have sticked with namecheap and still with them :)

initially it was because of free whois. But they give great discounts and events randomly throughout the year.


I’ve become a bit lazy and I just buy them inside AWS with Route 53. A .com is $12. I drink the AWS kool-aid and I like it all under one roof!


I currently own 2 domains, 1 for my portfolio website and 1 for personal email / homelab dns.

Both are purchased on Google Domains so I can consolidate my payments but I redirected the homelab domain name servers to Cloudflare to get API access for ACME to my servers.


Namecheap + CloudFlare is a combo that has done wonders for me in the past.


namecheap.com - They give whoisprivacy for free.


I have been a long term hostgator loyalist. But looking at this thread I am certainly intrigued by namecheap


My domain has been with HostGator since 2010! Wow 10 years I did not even realise until I just checked. It has been there since back in the day when I was using a shared hosting plan with them. These days I am using Netlify for hosting and I just point my HostGator domain to their DNS servers. Fortunately the domain billing is annual and cheap so I have not thought about moving it elsewhere if I even can do that never tried?


I stay on Gandi, pretty much not trusting most alternatives, like GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Namecheap, and such


I go Namecheap all the way! They are great value, good service, and easy to use.


1&1 for the first year $1 .com, namecheap for .gg and .io, cloudflare forever after (when they start supporting .gg's)


why no namesilo.com?it good to me!


Google Domains

Easy and secure, and it's one less account I have to manage


Namecheap.com and Cloudflare


PorkBun.com and Sav.com


Google Domains integrates seamlessly with Google Search Console and Analytics. And there's no stupid mascot.


EasyDNS. I use Cloudflare for DNS.

EasyDNS has been a breeze, and more importantly, they were very proactive when someone tried to steal one of my domains.


I havn't seen this one on the thread so, vercel.com, started re-doing my personal site on nextjs and fell in love


For Europe, OVH is one of the best registrar.


I usually get domains through namecheap.com and then transfer them to Cloudflare


I have my sites hosted at namecheap.com , in addition to domain names. good service.