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re: Hello! I'm a FE Developer living in Montevideo, I also love art and music. In my free time when not working or being a dad I play guitar and sing, ...

I'm also the ml enthusiast as you are. Good to see you here !!
I have not done any project on nlp or speech recognition I'm interested in some projects on these.
Could you please give me idea or resources from where I can start learning about nlp and speech recognition.
I have good idea about ml/deep learning.

One more thing
I do have developer skills I have many times face problem of deploying project using UI could you please give idea about this.
Which UI framework should I have to learn?
Your guidance will be helpful to me 😊😊
If you don't have much your valuable suggestions are most welcome.
Hope !!!!


Yep, some days you're great and others you're not jaja, the good thing is that they're temporary!


Thanks for the kind words. Really needed this today.


Your name is really hard for me to pronounce haha

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