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Hello! I'm a FE Developer living in Montevideo, I also love art and music. In my free time when not working or being a dad I play guitar and sing, I'm about to release my first album.


I used to sing on a rock band when I was younger, I never released an album but I feel really happy that this is happening to you! 😁


Good luck with it! Remember that if you fight for your dreams, everything will come true in the way you fight for achieve your goals.


Wow! I'm fine. It's incredible how this platform allows us to meet new people.
Are you mobile or web developer? Do you speak any other language different to English and Nepali?

I'm currently working as a web developer. I can speak to few languages English,Nepali & Hindi.


Hey Yalung Tang! I feel good to hear about your upcoming album.
Let me know when it goes live😊😊


November 1st! It will be on spotify, itunes and all that, not a great launch just what I can.


Rock Pop, you can find me on Spotify, tell me what you think! Lyrics are in spanish haha I promise I don't say anything bad there!

I speak portuguese so I understand some spanish :). I like your songs! Good luck with the album release!

Thank you Marcus! What a great Welcome, good community you guys have over here. I always read here about tech, I might publish something soon, I've learned a thing or two at Globant.


Hello, a developer and a music artist might be a better combo.


Hello and welcome. I’ve also just joined. Good luck with the album.


Good luck with your first album, feel free to share your music


Wow apart from programming, other thing I love doing is playing the drum set. Cool to know you love music too


I'm also the ml enthusiast as you are. Good to see you here !!
I have not done any project on nlp or speech recognition I'm interested in some projects on these.
Could you please give me idea or resources from where I can start learning about nlp and speech recognition.
I have good idea about ml/deep learning.

One more thing
I do have developer skills I have many times face problem of deploying project using UI could you please give idea about this.
Which UI framework should I have to learn?
Your guidance will be helpful to me 😊😊
If you don't have much your valuable suggestions are most welcome.
Hope !!!!


Yep, some days you're great and others you're not jaja, the good thing is that they're temporary!


Thanks for the kind words. Really needed this today.


Your name is really hard for me to pronounce haha


Awesome! Good luck with the album! I wish I could convince myself to keep playing music as well :D


It's not an easy struggle I know, I always want to quit, like 3 times a week, but you only need one gig, 3 or 5 friends to show up their faces to see you play and then you feel great again. Of course, it is like that because I see it like a hobbie, even though some great stuff have been achieved.


It's nice to find out that the first comment I see is from people in Montevideo! and also a fellow citizen! :-)


Que paso mi pana? I mean, hello Victor, how ya' doin'?

Todo fino. El 7 de noviembre es el showcase del disco en bar tazu bro! Es al lado de bluzz live.


Hey Yalung, great to know you love music. Do you play guitar?


Mostly Rock Pop, it has a few bits of blues, a bit of swing a bit of funk. From song to song, it's in spanish but I have some non-spanish speaking friends that like it. You can find it on spotify, if you like it give it a follow :D


Sweet! What kind of guitar do you play? What guitars do you have? I play too and it's always cool to find someone else who codes a plays guitar!


Hi Jarod! I have 3 guitars, unfortunately I have only one with me, when I moved from Venezuela I had to choose, so I chose a G&L S-500, it was a no brainer it is the best I have lol, it's a strat guitar, I don't know if you know the brand, it is a guitar that Leo Fender designed.


Yalung, I am brand new with coding and am actually considering a relocation to Montevideo, would love to hear more about your experience in the city


Hello Jared! It all depends where do you currently live. Feel free to reach out so we can talk about things you can think of in terms of relocation. Happy coding!


Hey there! I'm a front-end developer with a 9-year experience in building React and JS applications. I'm also an active open-source contributor. Nice to meet you!


All the best for your album.

I'm new to FE dev. Just began to learn html, css and js. Any suggestions from you will help me a lot in this journey. Thank you.


hey, thank you, just research about the frontend developer career path over the internet, if you have any questions let me know

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