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re: Very nice keyboard hacks. Here's how I use it: 1) Single shortcut (Ctrl+j) to open/close terminal + also set the focus in terminal. It works out of...

That is awesome! I use the win key for too many shortcuts, I would need to find a different hotkey for that. How do you move the mouse, autohotkey as well? any api I have tried to use has been unsuccessful for me.

I have a bunch of stuff in an always running autohotkey, the only one that I use often is "_" mapped to Shift+space. I literally use this many times per minute.

apart from that I have a vortex pok3r keyboard, which I have done my best to map some basic vim keys to. Now I have hjkl a i o d y p everywhere! It's far from perfect, but eases the pain.


my win key is adjacent to left ctrl key so after mapping it becomes super convenient to do ctrl+click (and drag). I still needed my win key so I've mapped it to right ctrl. I still use trackpad for mouse movements but with some gestures like 2 fingers tap for right click and 3 finger swipe to swap b/w apps like macbook.

mapping "_" to the shift space is a nice hack.

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