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Discussion on: Image Accessibility 101: Informative Images

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Waylon Walker

Love the examples we need more of these. I read so many articles about how important they are, but when I sit down to do it I find my self bouncing between too much and too little.

slopestyle podium


Professional snowboarder, Maddie Mastro, stands atop the podium with second place and third place each holding a bottle of already opened champaign in one hand and a snowboard in the other after landing a historic run at the 2019 Burton US Open becoming the first woman to successfully land a double crippler in competition. The look on her face is as if she has accomplished a lifelong dream, smiling ear to ear with joy"

rarely is it that I can find that nice sweet spot.

Maddie Mastro edges out Chloe Kim and Xuetong Cai for superpipe gold.

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Amanda Hasenzahl Author

Totally! It is incredibly difficult to find that perfect amount of detail without going overboard. I struggle with this often myself and even did when trying to come up with these examples! But, being able to do so is super important, so I'm glad you found this helpful!