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I'm a kind individual who's passionate about engineering and committed to building a future of prosperity. Let's work together and do our best!

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Why has a .to domain?

Possibly for aesthetical reasons.

GameDev News - March 15, 2019

Very useful information. Well done.

Actual User Feedback Is The Most Valuable Kind

Thanks. I needed this.

The Non-Cliche Guide to Breaking Into Tech (coding, to be specific)

Inspiring success.

Accessible form inputs for keyboard users

Thanks. I won't use outline: none; anymore. And that ident...

I implemented server-side collision detection

Thank you, Kirk. That's a nice-looking and inspiring exerc...

Game Off 2018 (7)

Hybrid Power sounds like a good name.

I implemented server-side collision detection

Thank you, Ben!

"for" vs. "forEach" and the value of documentation

When I first started out using Angular, I developed a bias ...

What are you not interested in learning?

I'm not interested in learning React and similar front-end ...

"Same Reference" vs. "Same Value"

This is a useful and excellent reference article you wrote.

Networking Essentials: Content Distribution

You are very knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing this inte...

Web Components: from zero to hero

I've always wondered about web components and this well-wri...

Fixing your Documentation Problem

You made a well presented case for making the effort to wri...

Math API: LaTeX Math as SVG image

I might use this for some of my future posts. Thank...

How to draw a line in D3.js

Yes, you may.

How to draw a line in D3.js

You're welcome, Lee! I'm happy that you're grateful.

The difference between x++ and ++x

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with this informative ...

groupImg - Using k-means to organize your images

Interesting origin of the script. By the way, I tried to s...

groupImg - Using k-means to organize your images

That's a good use of k-means clustering.

The story of Clipjump - Lessons learned while reaching 100k+ downloads as a 17-yr old

Well done. You wrote and shared a great story on how to mak...

The Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

Well said. Excellent write-up.

What have you learned from less experienced developers? šŸ¤”

I've learned that you should be open-minded and tolerant in...