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How can one be good at algorithms and data structures if they're bad at math? Are they doomed?


I just wanted to be sure to point out that most programmers I know claim to be "bad at" or not like math. You're not alone! Math does not need to be your thing for you to program.


I've always tried to teach myself math, but I always forget all the formulae and stuff. D:


I've made a career out of developing and have always struggled with math. There are large swaths of development (including some game dev) that don't need anything more complicated than division and multiplication.


No, you're not. I learned the algorithms first by reading about them and implementing them, then I picked up the math on the fly. For me, visualization is everything. For examples, check out sort visualization:


Awesome. I was diagnosed with Dyscalculia in college and I've always been terrified it was going to ruin my career.

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