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re: Hi Yoginth! Thank you, that means a lot. :) Let me take a look, should be a simple fix on my end. (Famous last words...) Update: Should be fixed ...

Ah, that's a different issue. The deployment actually was successful. I see the static files in the backend (object store). But the API call from the CLI timed out because processing and deploying the files took too long.

So while the API was doing its work, and taking a minute or so, the CLI client got impatient and showed you a FetchError.

I am planning to replace the synchronous deployment API with an asynchronous design. That should prevent this confusion.


Thanks for the feedback btw! Really helps me focus on solving these friction issues. ☺️

PS: If you deploy Markdown ( it is not automatically converted to HTML. Run a local build (or in CI) before deploying.

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