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Howdy. I'm Zack. I like to teach people how to code as well as see other peoples' work to stay up to date. I have used many languages, but I generally prefer C#.

I have an open source C# GitHub project with generic mathematics, data structures, algorithms, and more.

Feel free to ask me coding questions. :)

ZacharyPatten / Towel

Throw in the towel.


"It's a tough galaxy. If you want to survive, you've gotta know... where your towel is." - Ford Prefect

Towel is a C# .Net Standard libary intended to add much needed functionality that is missing in C# as well as redesign some aspects to bring the language up to modern standards.


Build Build Status

Many features are coded and working, but Towel is still in heavy development. It should be ready for its first release later this year.


Towel has fast generic mathematics functions.

Fundamental Operations

T Add<T>(T a, T b)
T Negate<T>(T a)
T Subtract<T>(T a, T b)
T Multiply<T>(T a, T b);
T Divide<T>(T a, T b);
T Modulo<T>(T a, T b);
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