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Hi, my name is Ezequiel, i’m 22 and i’m from Argentina. I study software engenering at Universidad Nacional de La Patagonia. I found this page on facebook ads and liked so much the articles. But after reading the comments and getting to know the awesome people that write them i decided to join!
I love computers, i still remember the day my parents bough our first pc , i was 3 years old but i can remember it so clear. I felt something magical when i started playing with it. It was like the tv but i was actully im control of what i was looking and i just couldnt believe it.
19 years have passed since then and i still feel that magic when i touch a pc, even when i got to know them so well, they always have something hidden and ready to be learned about.
I got to love this machines and what they can do so much, that i decided to dedicate my life to them. From learning how they work and lesrning what can i do with them, i’ve learned to programm, edit videos, make videogames and so much more. When i was a kid i was as sure as now that computers and their mysteries are my passion and are the driving force of my every day work

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