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Discussion on: Becoming a Data Engineer

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Zev Averbach

Thanks for putting this together, Adi! I'm already a data engineer but with a disturbing number of gaps in my knowledge given that title.

I know you might be a bit biased given your employer, but given that this roadmap is 100% Azure I have to ask: Do you think this is the best path compared to AWS and others?

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Adi Polak Author

Thank you, Zev!

As mentioned in the post, the core of Data Engineering, such as distributed data, databases, etc. is vendor-neutral. Yes, there are many services on the cloud, from Iaas to Saas, but at the end of the day, the core and basics are the same.

The Free learning paths and educational material I shared, start from basics which is valuable for aspiring data engineers and experienced ones who need a refreshment.

Think of it as learning "for" loops in C, once you understand what, it's easier to learn "foreach" loop in Java since you cover the basics of it and understand how it works.