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Becoming a Data Engineer

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To become a data engineer, there are various skills and software to learn, but the basics are the same!

Today, there are multiple data engineers' certificates and courses that you can take.
Here are the free ones; they cover the basics, which are the most important part to grasp and understand, and later introduce specific Azure technologies.

They are free and will help you cover the basics and Get Started.

Later it will be easier for you to jump into any technology related to data engineering.

Free Courses to cover the Basics:

📚 Services for Data Engineer
📓 Store Data
📙 Work with Relational Data
📒 Work with NoSql solution
📘 Large scale data processing with Data Lakes
📗 Implement a Data Streaming Solution with Azure Streaming Analytics
📕 Implement a Data Warehouse

Each module will take you about 4 hours to complete. If you are completing 1 every weekend, it will take you only 7 weekends.
After it, you will be ready to take the certification exam.

🏅 Data Engineer Certificate

the certificate is not free, but you can apply for a scholarship through the link.

Now, after you finish understanding everything, you can start diving into any technology related to data!

I hope this helps you get started and get a Data Engineer role fast!

Have concerns? would you like to chat? send me a private message on twitter.

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