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Darko Pranjic

Hello everyone,

I'm Darko from Croatia. Working professionally as a Software Engineer for the past 3 years.

How I started
Before professional career I've worked as a Computer technician for the 8 years. At age 24 decided to enroll in college and there found my love for programming and something what my brain likes - solve problems.

Started with building first applications in free time with PHP, Laravel, Javascript, jQuery for my team in previous company.

My first professional job was frontend developer using Vue.js and worked this for 7 months. Then I've started to dig deeper into Javascript stack with Node.js.

Current job and stack
Found current job as a Fullstack developer using React, Node.js, GraphQL. With this job my knowledge has drastically expanded as my team had knowledge and I started to stay in company to learn for few more hours just so that I could have possibility to work remotely.

Now I can say to have deep knowledge of setting up web servers, using most of the AWS services, building Node.js backend, GraphQL, using React Native, React, Apollo platform, Redis, etc...

Free time
In free time spending time with my wife, friends, playing every now and then PES, working out few times a week.

Future plans
Currently learning GoLang. Will try ML.
Hope to start writing blogs, maybe to start with writing about current development problems on what I stumble and how I got to solutions.

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Chris Achard

Welcome Darko! Good to have you here on DEV :) Do you work remotely now, or you're just hoping to in the future? Either way: good luck! It looks like you have a nice list of popular technologies that you can use; looks good!

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Darko Pranjic

Thanks Chris,

Yes I'm working fulltime remote since May. :)