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If you want to make your code even more beautiful:

$validateEmail = filter_var($emailAddress, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL);
$validateMessage = strlen($message->text()) < 1000;

if (!$validateEmail || !$validateMessage) {
  return false;

return true;

would be:

$isEmailValid = filter_var($emailAddress, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL);
$isMessageValid = strlen($message->text()) < 1000;

return $isEmailValid && $isMessageValid

(PHP is not my first language, so bear with me if there are missing brakets somewhere)


Exactly, prettiest is perfect. One semi colon and a constant away from perfection and we can close this thread. Haha sorry I know this isn't a peer review, old habits and all that.


Good call! I’ve seen several recommendations for using is/has in Boolean variable names.


Well, is/has is a convention. In Ruby it is common to use "question mark" instead.

But, more importantly, I would not use an imperative verb to name this boolean variable.

Imperative would more appropriate for methods (or functions) that have side effects. In this case, you are using the variable to store the result of a computation.


This will not work in a real project, most likely you will have to provide a message on why exactly the invalidation failed.

One liners are always on my radar on "smelly code", they usually lead to nasty problems.

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