Discussion on: Even Though She Was Bad At Math, She Coded

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It's crazy how many "I'm bad at math" comments people have here. I really think that the right question is not whether or not one needs to be good at math to be a good developer (i.e. is it possible for me to escape this dreadful subject and do what I actually want to do in life)? But rather WHY am I "bad" at math? Without knowing anyone here personally, I would bet all my money that none is incapable of learning math or is inherently bad at math due to some deficiency. Why? Because I used to think the same about myself.

Math is truly beautiful and immensely powerful. And computers could not have existed without its principles. from boolean logic, to algorithms, to computer graphics, to you name it. It's everywhere. The trouble is that we were all taught it the wrong way: when we asked why we need math as children we were at best told that we can use it to find out if we were short changed. Talk about using a nuclear reactor to boil a cup of water.

I personally believe that math is so fundemental to nearly any subject, that it's worth learning and understanding just like reading and writing. But I also believe that given the right opportunity ANYONE can be great at it.