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Got into computers back in the 80s and became so in love with programming that I remember wondering as a kid (and still today, really) how come not everybody wants to be a programmer.

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Software Architect at Walt Disney Studios

Unbugs and how to find them

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Making your relational database a little more graphy

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The power of abstraction

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Tell-tales of the expert programmer

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Why I love Java

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What is Serverless?

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How to make the most of dev.to

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Why I love hiring Junior engineers

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Tips on getting started with programming

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That programming book you never finished

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Algorithms in the real world

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Staying human in a digital era

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#discussanyone figured out a way to measure developer productivity?

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No, you're not bad at math

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The self taught programmer's journey

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Math: from hate to love

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That time when programming saved my life

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