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Need some help and talent

Hi all,

My name is afshin and I need help.

I’m from Boston Massachusetts. My boss have sent me on a quest and I’m not sure where to start 🙂

We are looking for 3 people with three different great talents.

First person:
we are looking for someone who can add a page to our website with capability of giving users username and password to login and grab certain reports we have coatumized for them at any shape or form. Each report will get its numbers from some data base.

Second person:
We are looking for someone to create us a data base environment where data can come in and leave as please to our website as need it.

Third person:
We need someone to program a software where it can go to a certain accounting software and grab some data 30 days back and populate thise numbers day by day into data base.

Can I get some help? Is there people in here where I can get help from? Or start this project? Maybe point me to right direction if this is not the right place?

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