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Domain Search and .tr Domain Document

With Domain Inquiry you can review the registration status for the domain you want to buy. Domain; The website is the beginning to open. The names of the websites used to log on to the Internet are called domains. Domain registration can be done in person or corporation for small fees. Once the domain is questioned, it can be registered if it is available and it can be started with the hosting package to start creating websites.

Domain Registration

The domain address that is available is registered as domain registrar. The registered domain addresses are registered between 1 year and 10 years. Domain registration for the duration of the end of the period of the right to extend the domain for the duration of 37 days domain belongs to the owner.

With Domain Sorgulama (Domain Search) System, you can easily identify and register the domain you are looking for. No domain queries can be viewed by anyone unless you register for security and privacy. Domain registration should definitely be done on a corporate firm, otherwise, you cannot claim any rights when you cannot reach that person in the domain addresses registered on a person.

In extension and name selection, com extension is the most preferred extension; If it is full, the document should be obtained in .tr. If these extensions are full and you don't want to change your brand name, our site lists the most preferred extensions from left to right.

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