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Awesome list! Was wondering if anyone has come across a good CMS that handles a lot of this for you? Currently I'm thinking about migrating our blog to a CMS and want to make it as easy as possible for editors to write content but automating the SEO pieces of the content.


I am using Gatsby for my own blog and most of these are in place by default (the starter I chose), but not sure what you mean by CMS for blog


Thinking more for a company blog that would have multiple authors where each author may not have all the SEO knowledge to write in the proper meta data.

That can be achieved using anything, I having some guest posts on my log where the author name is not me, but that just in the frontmatter of the markdown file. Simple as that


I generally use Wordpress as it has been very battle tested SEO wise.

The majority of the SEO industry used it, many of the big info-sites now started with it. It has a lot of features (inc plugins/self-code) that help publishing a lot & a bunch of things you can do to get extra results. You can do this with any code/CMS but its been done millions of times already with WP. Handles 100K+ uniques a day np, not many ppl go above that.

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