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Should you use sticky headers?

When building websites, you should always use sticky headers when possible. Sticky headers stay at the top of the screen and allow users to easily access navigation and contact buttons.

Sticky Headers improve CTR & SEO

In my experience of building websites, and doing SEO Optimisations for Insane Marketing, adding sticky headers to client websites has always increased CTR (click-through-rate) by about 1% which can amount to a higher number of conversions

Some tips:

  • Ensure the header is not large (and doesn't take up a lot of space on mobile screens)
  • If the header is large, make it compacted when the user scrolls down, but don't remove functionality
  • Add a shadow to the header (especially if your header is white, on white background)


  • Time-saving
  • Good navigation
  • Better branding


  • Takes up space
  • Can be distracting


Patrick Clare - Renovations Adelaide

Kitchens Adelaide
Kitchen Adelaide

Patrick Clare Renovations Adelaide had massive improvements in traffic and user engagement which improved SEO after implementing a sticky header

  • Improved CTR by 2%
  • Improved Branding Awareness


Promatia saw massive user engagement increases and citizen signups on their government website, this helped them sign up more citizens and increased branding of the organization.

View Promatia's Sticky Header

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