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React like Hooks for Flutter implementation


For work i use react and i hate writing class components, so i immediately go crazy when hooks have been announced and with their obscure-magic allow functional components to use state and side-effect.

When hooks will be allowed for production code, in React, i will be able only to write functional component and avoid the verbosity of classes. Plus i can share stateful logic between components without use the orribles mixins, redux, or other external library and unfamiliar patterns.

Now i use Flutter for a personal project, so i start to implementing something similar to react hooks for avoid writing classes.

Initially when i start using flutter i try avoiding classes using only functions

final StatefulWidgetBuilder HelloWorld = (context, setState) {
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and using them as builder function in a StatefulBuilder.

But i can't dispose things, for example stream subscription. Essentially i can't dispose side-effects.

So i start thinking in another way, i create an HookBuilder, with a StatefulBuilder implementation.

Before build, StatefulBuilder, initialize an HookContext and on dispose, dispose all registered Hook.

I define an use function how consume an HookTransformer function, store the result in the hooks store and return the value.
Using use i define useMemo, useCallback, useState, and later useEffect.

So now i can write in my code something like React functional hooked component.

final StatefulWidgetBuilder HelloWorld = (context) {
 final name = useState('');
 final nameInfo = useAsync(getUserInfo, null, [name]);
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and using them as builder function in my StatefulBuilder.

return StatefulBuilder(builder: HelloWorld);
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I'm now using it for week, so i decided to split the code and release my implementation of hooks as flutter package and on github flhooks.

Take a look to it.

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