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re: Hey, Thank you so much for sharing your list of Chrome extensions. I really find such posts helpful. It's good to know which tools fellow develop...

Hey Saqib,

I use Brave - highly recommend it, so it blocks ads automatically, unless opt in to see ads for BATs (Basic Attention Tokens). I used DailyNow before, I'll give it another try - thanks for the reminder.


Ever since I have started using Chrome (more than 7y) I didn't use any browser. Would you mind sharing why you prefer Brave? I have heard of it but never tried. Especially, how good is it in terms of supporting web APIs and providing web development tools?

Sure, Daily improves constantly and I can't recommend it enough! BTW great work at bookmarks.dev 🙌

It is Chromium-based, so the Developer Tools and Extensions work the same as in Chrome. I use it for privacy reasons and performance (before all on my phone). It's worth trying...

That makes sense. Thank you so much for sharing, I will definitely try it out.


While I think Brave is amazing and I use it as my main browser while working, my daily driver has been Vivaldi for almost a year now. I started to love Vivaldi's level of customization a lot. From search bar at the top of bottomm to quick notes on pages and a focus mode, Vivaldi has been a best for me.

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