Why do we need to bind methods inside our class component’s constructor?

Amandeep Singh on August 19, 2019

If we go back into the time where the hooks were not yet born, we will inevitably encounter this code while creating a React class component. cla... [Read Full]
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Yep! This is the reason I always recommend arrow functions :)


Why React doesn't bind functions internally? It seems it's not that hard to implement this feature under the hood. Why do we need to mess around with bindings in the user land?


Well, seeing as this is javascript and not react, I would expect it not to. Classes as not unique to react so why should they work different in react from every other instance?

On top of that, doing any blackmagic auto bindings would more than likely end up with undesiderwd side effects which would result in "why IS react binding this internally?"

The idea behind react is to provide a highly performance dom manager while sticking as close to the core of javascript, you want black magic, that what angular is there for, to move as far away from the core language as possible.


Thanks, Reme for your reply 😀. And I think this is one of the reasons I always suggest my other fellow friends (who are new to React) to strengthen their JavaScript fundamentals first. Doing so will help them align and understand how any framework works.

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