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i want access an appliction data using python api it says send to server.

amrutk99 profile image amrutk99 ・1 min read

I have an application which has quiz with 10 question and all qts have radio buttons eg each qts has
4 radio buttons and quiz results have to be mailed to teachers ,admin and parents so applications
options Here are at server
Now I need this data from this application to have a seperate analytics dashboard so I have created
Aws Ubuntu server,database ,table I need to know how can I get this data through python API kindly
help its humble request.
import urllib.request
import json

url = ''

def response(url):
with urllib.request.urlopen(url) as response:
res = response(url)

This is what I am getting every where I have tried this but I need a architecture where I shall get data from application I the application has send to server option where actually they need a server address how I can get this data because all API scripts says fetch from url or get from url kindly help


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