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re: I got started with old university textbooks from my father, they taught HTML 1.0, at the time, state of the art - I read them cover to cover in an ...

Like @mauricehayward said, interesting advice. Most folks nowadays learn a higher level language like Python, Ruby, JS, etc. first. Do you think that C/C++ are not as hard as people make it to be?


The language itself isn’t hard in my opinion, but we, as developers, have put this barrier around it in a way and warded developers away, almost like an “elite” class

C++ was one of the first languages I used as well. Albeit only to a very introductory level during an enrichment program at a local university when I was in high school. I'm doubtful anything I learned then has actually helped me in my career. But you never know. I think the big issue with systems languages, like c++/c, is that it's difficult to produce something meaningful in the first little while. Considering most people are results driven, especially with respect to learning, I posit that this is the main reason most people use a higher-level language as their gateway drug.

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