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How to develop WordPress sites no matter where you are

It is my first article, so, sorry if I make mistakes :D

Table Of Contents

Why I developed it?

I am a developer, but sometimes I use different online services.
For example to develop WordPress sites I was used different online platforms.

Why I used it ? Because I want to develop from my computer or from my work laptop, or whatever I am, without having a local environment and the data into my computer. And also, to pass url to my client without having my computer sharing connection and without using my hostings.

Why I created DemosWP?
Because some online services went 100% paid services. And I want to have and offer at minimun 1 site free to could develop and test online.
So, after some different steps and stages, I create and put online this platform.

To who is this?

This platform is ideal for:

  • people who are learning
  • people who want to try something quickly online without having to install anything
  • people who work from different places or computers
  • teachers who want to give their students a place to learn without having to have knowledge of installing a local environment or acquiring a hosting
  • people who work as a team and want to have a place in common to work at the same time


Features that the platform has at this moment:

  • Create sites with a few clicks
  • Install plugins and themes with the same site creation form
  • Import dummy content to have site with fake content and doesn't have it empty (WooCommerce dummy products too)
  • FTP and MySQL access
  • etc

Free vs Subscription

At the beggining the platform was 100% free. But I have a big problem that another services doesn't have. More user require more and more resources (servers disk size, cpu, memory, etc).
And only with sponsors I couldn't cover these expenses, so, I need to add paid subscriptions and limit free accounts (sites amount and features enabled).


I want to add more features in the close future.
Like this:

  • clone site with few click
  • import sites backups with a few clicks
  • migrate site to hosting (using mysql and ftp connection)
  • add ssl to all sites
  • create blueprints and create new sites using that
  • create new sites based on complete templates ready to use
  • and more

You could use it here:

Thanks !

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